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The Algerian army: a record high of illegal gold exploration in the Sahara

The Algerian army revealed a record increase in the activity of illegal exploration and search for gold in the Algerian Sahara over the past five years.

The investigations carried out by the judicial police revealed unveiled international networks operating in 12 special states in the south of the country, specialized in selling American-made gold prospecting devices with sums of more than 40 million centimes.

According to the information published by the Algerian newspaper "Al-Shorouk", the security services prepared a detailed report on this phenomenon after the annual outcome of 2020, where the various units and detachments of the People's National Army managed to arrest 4755 of smugglers and gold prospectors and seize 2376 pressure hammers, 3460 generators and 186 detection devices. Minerals, as it was also found that the activity of these networks has been on a continuous increase from year to year since 2015.

She added that the high command of the Algerian army "gave strict orders to its various formations, the necessity to tighten the screws on the" mafia "to prospect and smuggle Algerian gold by imposing guardianship on five main sites in the south and the far south, and the matter is related to impregnation, Tamanrasset, Gantt and Adrar, after the mafia and search gangs have diverted Of gold ore, the desert to something like "El Dorado", through campaigns depleting national energies. "