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Tea tree oil is a magical treatment for hair problems in the summer .. Know its benefits

Tea tree oil is a refreshing natural compound found in fresh green leaves, extracted using a steam distillation process. It has been used for hundreds of years for medicinal purposes, and can work wonders for making your hair and scalp healthy, according to Healthline.

It is widely known that tea tree oil provides anti-viral, antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory benefits as well, making it the ideal hair care tool especially in the summer. The use of tea tree oil in hair treatment is a relatively modern method, and it is currently used as an ingredient in a number of no Countless hair care products including shampoos, conditioners, hair masks, hair serums and more.

Many hair care professionals often stress that scalp problems are often hereditary, and ignore the fact that pollution and other environmental factors play a huge role in negatively impacting the scalp at the present time, as the summer season in particular can cause an increase in hair damage. Due to excessive exposure to harmful sun rays, sweat, sea salt, swimming pools and other factors, increased moisture makes hair flat, while sweat and dust act as a catalyst for hair problems such as dandruff and split ends, while excessive exposure to the sun depletes the natural moisture in the hair, which impedes Its growth and accumulation of dead skin.

Benefits of tea tree oil for hair

Summer can be harsh on the scalp as well, causing severe dryness or oil and sunburn, so it is essential to know how to successfully protect your hair from sunlight, heat and moisture, as tea tree oil provides a large number of wonderful benefits, as follows:

1- Dry scalp treatment.

2- Prevent hair loss and dandruff.

3- Enhance hair strength and get rid of lice.

4- Get rid of bacteria, viruses and fungi that may accumulate in the hair and scalp.

5- Effectively moisturize the scalp and provide the hair follicles with the supplements and nutrients needed to strengthen the hair.

6- It also controls the production of excess oil by the sebaceous glands.

Ways to use tea tree oil on hair

For daily or frequent cleaning of hair, tea tree oil can be mixed inside a shampoo bottle while maintaining the consistency of the liquid and applying it to the scalp during the shower. As for the very common case of head lice, tea tree oil can be used on the scalp and left overnight as a preventive measure, and to treat problems Like itching, dryness and dandruff, you can use a tea tree oil hair mask.