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Study: Genetic mutations are the keyword in obesity and overweight

A new study issued by the University of Bristol in Britain revealed that there is a specific gene inside the body that one out of every 340 people has, this gene called (MC4R), makes the person who has it more likely to gain weight since early childhood, which makes a person by the age of 18 years old, so that he could weigh up to 30 pounds with an increase, according to what was reported on the Medical Express website.

The researchers emphasized that obesity is due to genetic factors, so we find it spread in certain families, as scientists discovered that about 20 years ago, genetic changes could have very significant effects on weight since early childhood.

The researchers pointed out that this gene makes a protein that is produced in the brain, which sends signals to our appetite centers, telling them how much fat we have stored, so when the MC4R gene does not function properly, our brains think that our fat stores are less than what we have, so our desire for fat increases. Eating and feeling hungry.

The researchers explained that about one in every 340 people may carry a mutation in this MC4R gene, so people who carry these mutations are more likely to gain weight since early childhood.

The researchers conducted an analysis of the obesity gene in order to determine the mutations that could affect it and make it a major factor in the incidence of overweight, as it was found that weight gain in childhood due to one genetic disorder is common, so children with obesity must undergo genetic analysis.

The study found that the obesity gene is among many genes that affect our weight in the long term, and knowing which brain pathways the MC4R gene controls could help release drugs that help return people to a healthy weight.