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"Spot" is the smallest portable device to detect the Corona virus within 30 minutes

Researchers at the University of Illinois have developed a new test to detect a portable corona virus called the spot, which can be navigated anywhere and at any time, and this test can obtain accurate results from a sample of saliva in less than 30 minutes, and print the results through a technique. 3D printing, according to the Medical Express website.

The researchers confirmed that the portable corona virus test succeeded in detecting at least one viral particle for every 1-microliter drop of liquid, as the device was equipped with a battery and accurate capabilities to obtain the fastest results to track the infected in crowded places.

The cost of the device is less than $ 78, while the reagents and other materials needed for the test are $ 6 to $ 7 per test.


What distinguishes the portable Corona virus device is that it relies on simple techniques compared to other complex and time-consuming tests that require huge equipment and expert analysts, while the new device can be operated by anyone with minimal training and is careful when loading samples.


When creating this test, the researchers relied on a technique for making synthetic restriction enzymes that can be programmed to identify specific genes and split them into the genome of the organism in the new device, as these enzymes carry DNA evidence that identifies the viral genes that reveal the presence of those genes, to give a positive test result. .


The new portable test gets the test sample from saliva, not the nose, which is a simple method of collection and less invasive than a nasal swab.


The research team tested the new test using 104 clinical samples of saliva, and found that it accurately identified 28 samples out of 30 samples that are positive for Corona virus and 73 samples from 74 samples that are negative for Corona virus.


The researchers also tested the device with samples containing - or lacking - the influenza virus, the new corona virus and three other human corona viruses, and was able to accurately identify samples containing the new corona virus, indicating its ability to detect many viruses simultaneously using the same device. .