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Sports information .. All you need to know about athletics

Athletics belongs to a Greek word meaning "racing", and includes a group of sports, which are mainly divided into running, throwing and jumping. Athletics existed since BC, and are divided into running multiple distances and into other competitions, including: hammer throwing, discus throwing, throwing Javelin, shot put, pole vault, long jump, and triple jump.

The games schedule is dominated by four types of major events and gatherings, club meetings, national championships, and major international tournaments. The Olympic Games are the most famous international event, and they are held every four years since 1896, then followed by the World Athletics Championships, which is held every two years. Since 1991 in the first session in 1983, and since 1982, all athletics events have been organized by the International Athletics Federation.

Athletics competitions consist of: sprint competitions, running competitions, walking competitions, hurdles, shot put, hammer, long jump, triple jump, high jump, steeplechase, javelin throw, marathon, compound races: decathlon, pole vaulting

Many Arab players achieved many great achievements in the Olympic Games, and Tunisian athlete Mohamed Kamoudi was the first Amazigh to win a silver medal in the 10,000-meter race in the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, and he was also the first Arab runner to win an Olympic gold medal in the 5,000 meters in the Mexico 1968 Olympiad. Bronze in the 10,000-meter race in the same session, then the silver in the 5000-meter race in the 1972 Munich Games.

Moroccan runner Nawal El Moutawakel, who is considered the first Amazigh, African and Muslim woman to win an Olympic medal, was distinguished in the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics.

And Moroccan runner Said Aouita achieved a historic achievement in the Los Angeles Olympic Games in 1984 when he surrounded his neck with Olympic gold in a remarkable race with which the hearts of millions of Arabs beat him. A thousand meters to become the first man to descend below the 13-minute barrier.

Algerian Hassiba Boulmarga, who also won a gold medal in the 1500 meters race in Barcelona 1992, regained the title in the same distance, Algerian Nuria Marah Benida in Sydney 2000.

In the same field, Algerian Noureddine Morsli won the gold medal in Atlanta 1996. This is followed by the achievement of the champion Hicham El Guerrouj two gold medals in the 2004 Athens Olympics, as well as Saudi Hadi Sawan’s silver medal in Sydney 2000 in the 400-meter hurdles race, thus becoming the second best number in the world for this race in 2000.

And also the Arab record holder for the 100-meter race, Iraqi runner Sami Al-Sheikhly with a time of 10.2, he scored in the Helsinki Championship in Finland in 1970, and the Syrian athlete Ghada Shuaa won the seventh medal in the 1996 Summer Olympics and bronze in the same competition in Barcelona 1992 and Habiba Al-Gharibi won a gold medal In the 3000-meter steeplechase 2012 in London.