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Serbia intends to pay $ 30 to every citizen who receives the Coronavirus vaccine until the end of May

The authorities in Serbia seek to eliminate the state of suspicion that its citizens live in about receiving the Corona vaccine in an attempt to overcome the state of suspicion prevailing among them, as Serbia intends to pay some money to encourage its citizens to receive the vaccine, and Serbian President Alexander Vucic announced in Belgrade, that everyone received the vaccination Indeed, or receiving a dose by May 31, he will receive a bounty of $ 30.

Serbian President Alexander Vucic said that his country will pay every citizen who gets the Covid vaccine before the end of May, in what could be the first cash plan in the world, according to Agence France-Presse.

"Everyone who received the vaccine by May 31 will get 3000 Serbian dinars (25 euros, 30 dollars)," President Alexander Vucic told local media, adding that he expected three million vaccinations by the end of the month.

Vucic added that the country wants to reward people who show responsibility, noting that public employees who have not received a vaccine will not take paid leave if they contract the virus, and Serbia hopes to boost its spread by offering vaccines in shopping centers and rewarding volunteers with vouchers.

The Balkan countries bought millions of doses from Western companies as well as China and Russia, and briefly became a regional vaccine hub when they offered foreigners a chance to get vaccinated, however, after the full vaccination of about 1.3 million of their seven million people, the campaign began to come to a halt.