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Palestine's ambassador to Moscow calls on the international community to take critical decisions for the sake of the two-state solution

The Palestinian ambassador to Russia, Abdel Hafiz Nofal, called on the international community to take decisive and clear decisions for the sake of the two-state solution, noting that the number of dead in Palestine, according to the latest statistics, has reached 218 martyrs and more than 6,500 wounded, most of them women and children.


Nofal said, during a press conference held at the press center of the "Russia Syphonia" media group today, Monday, "The region is boiling and proves that it is the most dangerous region in the world, and the world must draw lessons and conclusions. The world must develop a solution, even by force, and the international community must make a decision." It is clear and honest based on the two-state solution and specifies a specific period for that. "


Hafeez Nofal added, "We do not want double standards. There is no comparison between the bombing by both sides," noting that more than 90 percent of the Palestinian victims are unarmed civilians, and more than 30 percent are women and children.