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Newsweek: Russia is developing autonomous weapons using AI with support from China

Newsweek magazine said that Russia is developing a range of autonomous weapons platforms using artificial intelligence as part of its ambitious technology efforts in cooperation with China.

The newspaper pointed out that a report issued, entitled Artificial Intelligence and Independence in Russia, published by the American CNA Research and Analysis Group, dealt with Russia's focus on modernizing its army. The report's authors worked closely with the Pentagon's Joint Industrial Intelligence Center to prepare what the organization said was the first significant American research paper outlining Russia's key initiatives and achievements in AI and independence efforts, and place those initiatives on Russia's wider technological landscape.

The report said that Russian military strategic planners have paid great attention to establishing what they referred to as information dominance on the battlefield. The enhanced technologies make use of the data available on the battlefield and promise the garden to protect Russia's forces and prevent this advantage over adversaries. "

While there are significant challenges and some reservations about handing decision-making capabilities to AI and away from the human mind, the trends clearly indicate that Russian efforts to provide these advanced capabilities are underway. The report indicates that China is Russia's main partner in the field of advanced technology in general and in AI in particular.

This cooperation, which is part of a larger strategic partnership, may be strengthened despite America's attempts to target its competitors with numerous sanctions.