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New York: Increased crime in New York is a major issue that determines the June mayoral election

The American "AB Times" newspaper said that the state of New York, which has long been proud of being one of the world's safest cities, is witnessing a rise in crime rates, as the issue has become a major topic for the mayoral elections scheduled for June.

Crime was widespread in the state in the seventies and eighties when it was the largest American city suffering from a budget crisis, but it has been in a continuous downward trend since the mid-nineties.

However, the picture has deteriorated dramatically since last summer, and the newspaper said that what initially seemed like a marginal outcome of the movement against police violence in the wake of the George Floyd's murder and the social unrest caused by the pandemic is no longer the case.

The newspaper said that knife attacks proliferated on the subway along with an increase in shootings, including in Times Square last weekend. "The violence is definitely on the rise," said John Pfaff, professor of criminal law at Fordha University.

"The rise in crime in 2020 implies the risk of continuing into the year 2021," he told France Press.

Pfaff added, "I see tremendous economic uncertainty, tremendous emotional pressure, you have closed institutions in all areas. All of these things will contribute to violence and thus violence can continue to some extent self in the future."

Although New York is gradually emerging from the coronavirus crisis and unemployment is declining, crime statistics are far from improving.

The latest figures, released on May 9, showed 505 shootings casualties since the beginning of January, the highest number in 10 years, and up from 275 for the same period in 2020.

While there have been 146 murders so far this year, a 40% increase over the year 2019 when 104 people were killed and a 27% increase over last year.

Although crime in the subway has decreased by 43%, many experts point out that this is misleading as the number of passengers has decreased with the epidemic.

The newspaper said that the daylight shooting in Times Square on May 8, which injured two women and a child, pushed escalating violent crime to the fore in the mayoral campaign, six weeks before the Democratic Party primaries on June 22.