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New fires broke out in the Gaza Strip envelope area due to incendiary balloons

For the third consecutive day, new fires broke out in the Israeli areas adjacent to the borders of the Gaza Strip, as a result of the launch of incendiary balloons from the Strip against the backdrop of the new escalation in the Holy Land.

In a statement, the Palestinian Intifada Committees announced the launch of dozens of incendiary balloons since dawn today, Saturday, towards the Gaza envelope, insisting on their continued launch.

The statement also called for collecting and igniting hundreds of tires along the border wire, and also announced the state of the general alarm and the resumption of the "night confusion" starting at eight in the evening in all return camps in the eastern Gaza Strip.

Meanwhile, the "Times of Israel" newspaper confirmed that at least 6 new fires broke out in the Gaza envelope as a result of balloons, three of them in a nature reserve located close to the borders of the Strip.

This comes against the background of the injury of more than 200 Palestinians and 17 members of the Israeli police during clashes that erupted last night in the Al-Aqsa Mosque, Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood and Bab Al-Amud in Jerusalem.