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Libyan dialogue forum meeting next week to discuss the constitutional rule

The UN mission announced that it would supposedly hold a two-day meeting for the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum on May 26 and 27 to complete the legal committee’s proposal regarding the constitutional basis for parliamentary and presidential elections scheduled for next December 24, as agreed upon by the legal committee emerging from the forum during its meeting in Tunis on The period from 7 to 9 April 2021 and during the consultations that took place subsequently with the facilitation of the mission.

The UN mission said in a statement, that the results of the forum’s deliberations on this proposal will then be referred to the Libyan Parliament and the Supreme Council of State for consideration, noting that the deadline for the constitutional and electoral framework set for next July 1 must be observed, as called for by a decision. Security Council 2570, with a view to enabling the High National Elections Commission to proceed with the preparations for the elections.

The mission indicated that most of the sessions in the virtual meeting were broadcast live to enable the Libyan people to follow the deliberations of the forum, expressing regret over recent attempts to mislead public opinion and undermine the political process in Libya by circulating forged documents on social media, claiming that they are the constitutional basis for elections.