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Iraqi Foreign Minister: The government is working to diversify economic partnerships

Iraqi Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein said today, Thursday, that the government is working to diversify Iraq's economic partnerships.


In a statement carried by the Iraqi Alsumaria News channel, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein met in the Italian capital, Rome, with a group of Arab and foreign media professionals, in the presence of the Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq to Italy, Safia Al-Suhail, indicating that during the meeting, the most important results of the visit to Rome were reviewed. And the Vatican and his meetings with His Holiness the Pope and officials in both Italy and the Vatican.


According to the statement, Hussein stressed the importance of the media conveying the true picture of Iraq, which is in a secure and stable situation, and this is demonstrated by the historic visit of His Holiness, the Pope, who visited many Iraqi cities, especially after the Iraqi lands that were seized by the terrorist organization ISIS and defeated militarily.


The Iraqi minister thanked the historic visit of His Holiness to Iraq, following up on the results of the visit, discussing the topic of interfaith dialogue and encouraging religious tourism to the historic city of Ur, as well as discussing issues of common interest, and bilateral relations between Iraq, the Vatican and Italy.


During the meeting, the minister touched on the latest political and economic developments in Iraq and the Iraqi government's endeavor to overcome the financial difficulties that resulted from the drop in global oil prices, and the economic stagnation that most countries of the world suffer from due to the pandemic, and the government's orientation towards strengthening the role of the private sector and increasing investments to support the Iraqi economy.