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Hussein Al-Shahat, "oppressor or oppressed" in Al-Ahly .. The numbers speak

Hussein Al-Shahat, the wing of the Al-Ahly club, is being subjected to harsh criticism from the fans of the Red Castle in the current period, for the reason that the level of the player is declining and not fully carrying out his work tasks, especially since he is the flying wing of the right front of Al-Ahly and he has offensive tasks that make him the focus of everyone's attention.

Al-Shahat, which Al-Ahly club announced on 6 January 2019 for a period of 4 and a half years from Al Ain, after the player waived nearly 16 million pounds to complete the deal, 6 of which were from his late dues and 10 million matches for the resale percentage he was supposed to get.

After Hussein Al-Shahat gave up millions in order to wear the Al-Ahly club shirt, who confirmed in more than one previous statement that Al-Ahly was a dream that he seeks to achieve regardless of winning millions from behind the realization of his dream.

In Hussein Al-Shahat's first season with Al-Ahly, the player presented a distinguished level after participating in 17 league matches, scoring 4 goals and making a goal, and participated in 7 matches in the African Champions League, during which he scored a goal and made 3.

With the beginning of the 2019/2020 season, Hussein Al-Shahat participated with Al-Ahly in 19 league matches, during which he scored 5 goals and made 2, and participated in 11 African Champions League matches, scoring 3 goals and making the same, and also participated in 5 matches in the Egypt Cup, during which he made two goals and did not score, He also participated in the Egyptian Super and did not create or score.

In the current season 2020/2021, Al Shahat participated in 16 league matches, scored 4 goals and made 4, and participated in 4 matches in the African Champions League, which he did not score or make during them. He also participated in two matches in the Club World Cup and scored a goal against Al Duhail, Qatar.

Given the language of numbers, Hussein Al-Shahat has been walking at an almost steady pace with the red genie since his arrival from Al-Ain UAE, but the fans hope that the player will give more brilliance, especially in light of his wasting a number of easy opportunities in front of the opponent's goal in past matches, which increased criticism around him .