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Hamada Abdel-Latif: Zamalek does not have cadres ... and it must be strong administrative

Hamada Abdel-Latif, the former star of Zamalek, said that Imam Ashour, the player of the white team, is a skillful and important player and has a role with his team, and the difference is made even if he did not participate in the recent period, so his return is important.

In statements to the Zamalek TV program, which is broadcast on the Zamalek channel, Abdel-Latif added that Saif Al-Jaziri proved his eligibility to wear the white shirt, which was shown by his performance in the last match against Enppi.

Regarding the crises that the club is exposed to, Abdul Latif stressed that Zamalek is lenient in his right, and he must be strong administratively and in the media, because Zamalek must not play the 1999 team match, to prove that he has a role and that he has been subjected to injustice, adding: "Zamalek does not have cadres even in Marketing aspect. "

The former team star said: "Zamalek did what he did to Imam Ashour when 12 matches were stopped. A grievance was presented and no new decision was made. Zamalek needed to be strong, and I hoped the club would make a firm decision about what is happening from the Football Association."