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Germany searches a leading house in the AfD party for inciting against refugees

The German authorities searched the home of Björn Hooke, a prominent leader of the populist right-wing "Alternative for Germany" party, after suspicions of his involvement in incitement against refugees, and he published a picture of a German captain rescuing refugees, and directed her to phrases describing refugees in general with criminal descriptions.

 The spokesman for the German Attorney General in Mühlhausen confirmed, in statements carried by Deutsche Welle, that the Office of the Attorney General is investigating allegations against Hooke, who has also been chairing the Parliamentary Bloc of the "Alternative" party in the Thuringian state parliament for nearly a year, including his statements against Migrant maritime rescue activist, Carola Rakhete, who is said to have written by Hooke on social media.

A spokesman for the authorities said that the research should reach information about the author of these statements, and suspicions revolve around Hooke publishing a picture of his rakah with the phrase: "I have imported torture, sexual violence, human trafficking and murder."

 The Judicial Committee of the state parliament lifted Hooke’s immunity last December to allow him to be investigated by the public prosecutor.

Last week, the Office for the Protection of the Constitution in Thuringia classified the "Alternative for Germany" association led by Hooke as an extremist group under the supervision of the authorities.