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Germany provides 40 million euros to boost humanitarian aid in Gaza

The United Nations announced that Germany pledged today, Tuesday, to provide 40 million euros, to strengthen the humanitarian aid provided to civilians in the Gaza Strip, where more than 52 thousand Palestinians have been displaced due to the recent Israeli air strikes.


"Today, I seek to provide better support to Gaza," said German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas ahead of a meeting with his counterparts from the European Union, to discuss the situation in Israel and Gaza, adding that Germany will provide 40 million euros.


On the other hand, the general strike took place on Tuesday in the cities of the West Bank, East Jerusalem and the Arab center inside Israel in response to popular and official calls in solidarity with the Gaza Strip and rejecting the Israeli occupation, and all commercial stores and private sectors closed their doors except for medical centers, while working hours in the educational sector at all levels were suspended.


Today, Tuesday, the international community will intensify the campaign of diplomatic efforts to stop the mutual bombing between Israel and Hamas, and the UN Security Council is holding an emergency meeting, the fourth, while the United States still refuses to endorse a statement on the conflict between Israel and the Palestinian factions calling for "an end to violence," despite Biden declared that he "supports" the ceasefire between the warring parties.