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Can Corona virus affect people with dementia?

Dementia is one of the common diseases in the world, and it includes various neurological disorders such as cognitive decline, forgetfulness and brain disorders, the risk of people with dementia with weak immunity and exposure to diseases, so dementia patients may be more susceptible to Corona virus, as are people suffering from Corona virus More vulnerable to dementia and its possible causes, and in the next report we talk about the association, impact and symptoms of dementia associated with the Corona virus, according to what was published by only my health site.

How is dementia related to the Corona virus?
Dementia may not be directly related to the Corona virus, but it is related to the results of viral infection, after infection with the Coronavirus, and the restrictions imposed on us by the Corona virus have led to psychological trauma in most people, and hearing the news of the infection of their loved ones with the infection increased the chances of developing neurological disorders.
What are the possible symptoms of dementia?
Dementia is not limited to a specific disease, and therefore symptoms can vary according to the type of neurological disorder. Corona virus can also affect these symptoms, which may be difficult to track afterward. These symptoms include the following:
- memory loss .
Communication barriers.
Problems related to abstract thinking.
Misplacing things.
Mood changes.
Personality change.
The effect of dementia on the Corona virus
Dementia is related in some way to the Corona virus in a way that can affect the patient or the person with dementia may be affected by the Corona virus, studies conducted by the World Health Organization show that dementia can act as a barrier between the brain and the blood, which makes them vulnerable to viral infection, as poor memory interferes with the ability of The patient is required to adhere to the Coronavirus procedures and thus lead to the risk of infection with the Coronavirus.
Dementia also increases the chances of a Corona patient entering the hospital and increases the risk of infection, people with vascular dementia are particularly at risk of death if they contract the Coronavirus, it has not yet been clear, but it may be possible that there is a possible indicator of cerebrovascular disease in Corona infection, Also, people with dementia are at risk of developing high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, obesity and type 2 diabetes, which increases the risk of severe infection with the Corona virus.