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Bernie Sanders is preparing to present to Congress an immediate ceasefire in Palestine

US Senator Bernie Sanders announced that he will submit a draft resolution to Congress on Wednesday, calling for an immediate ceasefire between the Israeli occupation army and Hamas.

The American newspaper (The Hill) reported on its website that Sanders would ask the senators to adopt his decision unanimously this afternoon, Washington time.

The newspaper pointed out that the draft resolution states that "while the life of every Palestinian is important, the life of every Israeli is important," adding that the Senate should urge an immediate ceasefire to prevent further loss and escalation in the Palestinian and Israeli areas.

The draft resolution also stipulates support for diplomatic efforts to resolve the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, implement international law, and protect human rights for both Palestinians and Israelis.

It is worth noting that US House of Representatives Member Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez plans to present a bill aimed at rejecting the US sale of weapons to Israel worth 735 million dollars, which has already been signed by the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee in the House of Representatives.