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An American official: The deployment of "B-52" bombers in several regions of the world, a message of deterrence to the opponents

The Commander of the Strategic Command of the United States of America, Admiral Charles Richard, said that the operations of sending (B-52) strategic bombers to various regions of the world represent a message of deterrence to the opponents and confirm Washington's support for its allies and partners.

Richard explained - in a statement carried by the US Air Force patrol (Air Force Magazine) - that the speed, flexibility and combat readiness of bombers play an important role in deterring enemies, as it represents an opportunity for allies to conduct joint exercises and enhance their ability to reach anywhere around the world at any Time to take on challenges decisively.

The patrol stated that the US army has recently deployed strategic B-52 bombers at Morón air base, southern Spain, as part of its missions in Europe, making Europe the third region in the world to receive these bombers.

The magazine revealed that the United States of America has deployed its bombers, officially known as (Stratofortress), in the Middle East also at Al-Udeid base in Qatar, as well as sending a number of others to the Andersen Air Force Base in Guam in the Pacific in order to participate in combat missions.

The US command did not specify a specific goal to send strategic bombers to several regions of the world, but it was satisfied that this matter demonstrated the ability of the Ministry of Defense to command and control its bombers in any specific mission anywhere in the world at any time.