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A second session of the Security Council will be held today to discuss the latest developments in Palestine

Walid Al-Hajam, attached to the diplomatic department in the office of the President of the Republic, said that a session at the level of the Security Council will be held today, Wednesday, to study developments in the situation in the Palestinian territories, at the request of Tunisia, a non-permanent member of the Council.

In a statement to the Tunis Africa News Agency this morning, Al-Hajjam explained that Tunisia coordinated the request for this session, which will be closed, with the Palestinian side, in addition to supporting countries that had supported Tunisia's demand to hold a session earlier.

Tunisia, the Arab member of the Security Council, submitted a request to hold a session of the Security Council last Monday in coordination with the Palestinian side, and with the support of China, the current president of the Council, Norway, Ireland, Vietnam, Saint Vincent, the Grenadines and Niger, to discuss the dangerous escalation and aggressive practices of the occupation authorities in The Occupied Palestinian Territories, especially in Jerusalem, and its violations of the sanctity of the Al-Aqsa Mosque, its attacks on the Palestinians and its insistence on its expansionist policies, including settlement plans, demolition and dispossession of homes, displacement of Palestinian families, land grabbing, and obliteration of the historical and cultural identity of the holy city.