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A new Moroccan on the radar of Zamalek club in the summer transfers ... Get to know him

One of the agents of the Moroccan players nominated the Moroccan star, Sofiane Rahimi, the Moroccan Raja player, to move to Zamalek during the next summer Mercato, in light of his remarkable brilliance with his team recently.

Zamalek officials are currently gathering a large list of African attackers to present to the French coach, Patrice Carteron, to choose the best of them to negotiate with him.

Zamalek has previously received nominations to sign more than one African striker, headed by the former Nigerian player Stanley and the current Saudi Qadisiyah, in addition to the nomination of the Ivorian Razzak Sessia Al-Maarad for the Alexandria Union ranks to return again.

Sofiane Rahimi, 24, participated with Moroccan Raja in 27 matches this season, with a total of 2,214 minutes, and scored 10 goals, including 7 in the league and 3 in the Confederation.

Moroccan press reports have previously confirmed the Al-Ahly club's interest in contracting with Sofiane Rahimi, but a source in the Red Castle revealed that the Raja player is outside Al-Ahly's accounts in the upcoming summer transfers, and there is no thought to contract with the player from the ground up, indicating that what some Moroccan press reports dealt with is just Journalistic judgments are unfounded.

The source stressed that Al-Ahly did not discuss the idea of ​​joining the Moroccan Raja wing at the present time, and it still has time to think about the deals it needs, especially the foreign players in light of the completion of the list of foreign players in the ranks of Al-Ahly.