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6 diseases that affect your skin if exposed to the sun at noon, most notably brown circles and freckles

Exposure to the sun is usually recommended by doctors to take advantage of vitamin D, which is useful for bones and body building, but it has many damages to the skin in case of exposure to it at peak times during which the UV rays come out and harm the skin, and many people resort to exposure to the sun to escape from the cold weather in Winter, but noon in the summer represents a great danger to the skin in the spread of harmful ultraviolet rays, which spread during the period from 11 to 2 pm.

According to the medical health line, exposure to the sun at noon hurts the skin, especially in the area of ​​the face and hands, the most exposed areas to harmful rays, and the severity of the sun at this time does not differ from season to season, as it is the same in all seasons of the year and must be avoided.

The site added, that exposure to sunlight to obtain the vitamins necessary for the body, especially vitamin D, requires timing of sunrise and sunset to benefit from them without harm, and that the most prominent diseases that affect the skin due to sunlight are:

1 Inflammation, redness of the skin and a feeling of itching sometimes.

2 The appearance of brown spots and circles.

3 signs of freckles, which differ from genetic freckles.

4 Scalp inflammation.

5 darkening under the eyes.

6 The spread of wrinkles and aging in the skin in the long term.