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34 players in the Dutch national team squad in preparation for Euro 2020

Dutch coach Frank de Boer has selected 34 international players for the Dutch national team's initial list in the preparations for the UEFA EURO 2020 European Nations Cup, from which a maximum of 26 players will be selected, including at least 3 goalkeepers in the final list sent to the UEFA no later than Tuesday, June 1.

The Netherlands national team enters a training camp in the final preparations during the first training period - from Monday 24 to Wednesday 26 May, where the technical staff will work with a number of players who no longer have any obligations with the club and this group will train partially along with the selection of the young Dutch who are preparing for the tour The final of the European Championships in Zeist.

The staff and players of Zeest will meet to leave on Friday 28 May the next day to Lagos, Portugal, to take part in the second part of the training camp.

The list included:

Patrick Van Anholt Crystal Palace, Nathan Acke Manchester City, Donnie Van de Beek Manchester United, Stephen Bergis Feyenoord, Stephen Burgoyne Tottenham Hotspur, Marco Bizot Alkmaar, Daly Blend Ajax, Jasper Cilison Valencia, Memphis Depay Olympic Lyon, Denzel Domfries Eindhoven, Anwar Al Ghazi Aston Villa, Cody Jacobo PSV, Ryan Grafenberch Ajax, Hans Hattebor Atalanta Bergamo, Frenkie de Jong Barcelona, ​​Luke de Jong Seville, Rick Carsdorp Roma, Davey Classen Ajax, Tim Kroll Norwich City, Matthijs de Licht Juventus, Donel Malin Eindhoven Spartak Moscow, Martin de Ron, Atalanta Bergamo, Martin Steckelenburg Ajax, Jeremiah Saint-Just Mainz, Kenny Tette Fulham, Jorian Timber Ajax, Joel Feltman Brighton and Hove Albion, Tony Philhina Krasnodar, Stefan de Frij Internazionale, Woot Weighorst Vensburg, Jorgenne Alkmaar Wendal.