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3 billion pounds in taxes and customs duties of Suez last April

Dr. Mohamed Maait, Minister of Finance, reviewed the efforts made by customs officers to overcome obstacles and facilitate customs procedures before the business community. In a way that contributes to improving the work performance of customs administrations and reducing the customs release time, in a way that helps meet the needs of the local market and stabilizes prices.


The Minister received a report from Al-Shahat Ghatwari, Head of the Customs Authority, in which he indicated that the Central Administration of Suez Customs headed by Ahmed Abu Al-Hassan, had released 5 thousand and 537 customs certificates included in the month of April, for strategic goods, production requirements, and general goods, including: «threads , Textiles, electrical appliances, receivers, cars, their spare parts, oils, plastics, wheat, petroleum products, and others ».


The report added that the taxes and customs fees collected from certificates imported by Suez customs during last April amounted to 790 million and 295 thousand pounds, while value-added taxes amounted to 2 billion 29 million and 874 thousand pounds, and other fees collected for these certificates amounted to 255 million and 978 thousand pounds.


The report pointed out that the General Administration of Export at Suez Customs, during last April, exported 3 thousand and 89 customs declarations under the various export systems, with a value of 3 billion and 449 million and 675 thousand pounds, for various types of commodities and general goods, including: «natural sands, juices, And cosmetics, and poultry feed ».


The report added that the fees issued for customs data that were covered by Suez customs last April were collected by 4 million and 512 thousand pounds, in addition to that the proceeds of the neglected auction amounted to 5 million and 345 thousand pounds, and fines, violations and other proceeds were collected about 7 million and 805 Thousands of pounds.


The report pointed out that the total taxes, customs fees, taxes and other fees collected with Suez customs last April amounted to 3 billion, 93 million and 811 thousand pounds.