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Why is the Decent Life Initiative considered a "developmental" initiative for citizens and industrial sectors?

Mahmoud Mohsen, a member of the Engineering Industries Chamber in the Federation of Industries, confirmed that the Decent Life initiative has great developmental dimensions not only for the citizens and the villages covered by the initiative, but for the industrial sector that benefits from this national initiative, because the sector is the one that meets the initiative's needs in terms of products And raw materials needed for construction and building operations in villages.

He pointed out that the Decent Life initiative represents an excellent opportunity for engineering industries to provide the requirements and needs of the initiative from these industries, and that it is considered an initiative that can support the sector strongly in light of purchases that may exceed 250 million pounds in principle, which makes the engineering industries sector one of the sectors benefiting from this initiative. .

He stressed that there is a great opportunity represented in the annual need for replacement and renewal requirements, and the completion of maintenance operations for the projects that are implemented, all of this will have a positive impact on the Egyptian industry, increase factory sales, and then increase the total output of the industry, and so the initiative has a great return in more On the one hand during the coming years.

It is noteworthy that the "Decent Life" initiative contributes to the advancement of the level of services in the Egyptian villages and countryside, and the initiative has turned into a national project that presented a great model in service work related to low-income people in all governorates, since its inception in 2019, since it was launched by President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, to provide for the needs of The most needy community groups, in all service areas such as health, education and housing.