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The Industrial Modernization Center confirms the ability of Egyptian handicrafts to compete abroad

Sahar Al-Sukoot, head of sustainable development programs at the Industrial Modernization Center, said that Egyptian handicrafts are able to compete abroad, and that the center contributed in the last period by providing technical support to help handicraft owners market their products and achieve sustainability, in cooperation with the British Council. The center provides technical support for product development, and how to establish brands.


This came during the virtual discussion session organized by the British Council to announce the successful models that were supported by the Inclusive and Creative Economies Development Program funded by the Council. Sahar Al-Scott added that the services provided by the center included training on product pricing, the importance of product quality and the need to introduce new products. On an ongoing basis, in addition to linking new designers with craftsmen, which is what happened with the handicraft owners on Shandwil Island in Sohag Governorate and the owners of kilim and pottery craftsmanship, noting that there are about 9,000 products offered by handicraft owners.


For his part, Hisham Pasha, Director of the Innovation Department at the Industry Modernization Center, said that there are 3 projects in cooperation with the British Council, including the Sustainability Program for Craft Industries, which is the entrepreneurship program in industry, stressing that the United Kingdom is one of the first countries in the creative economy, which is a concept that began to interest In Egypt in 2016, and that this concept would develop the idea of ​​civil societies for the better, to be concerned with gain in addition to achieving benefit in society, which is what worked to nurture it in the industrial community among the youth in light of the state's interest in digital transformation plans, especially among the youth.


Hisham Pasha explained that the Industry Modernization Center agreed last period to register new types of small companies and exclude them from the industrial registration requirement, after the results achieved by the cooperation program with the British Council to support companies, which gives them an opportunity to obtain financing from the center that bears the cost of services by a percentage 95%, as opposed to only 5% of the owner of the company.