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The European Union provides medical aid to India to counter the spread of Corona

The European Union announced on Thursday that it will provide additional medical aid to India through the Civil Protection Mechanism to help medical staff and health authorities in the country deal with the widespread Covid-19 epidemic.

The Italian news agency AKI reported that several countries in the Union are participating in providing the new package of aid, including Italy, France, Finland and Austria. Italy will provide an oxygen station and 20 ventilators, while France will provide 8 oxygen generators, each of which can make any hospital in India. Independent for a period of 10 years, while the rest of the aid consists of anti-viral drugs, oxygen concentrators and oxygen cylinders.

The role of the European Commission in this context is to coordinate aid, finance its transportation and provide the necessary logistical services.

India had activated the Civil Protection Mechanism to obtain international aid in response to the epidemic that has killed hundreds of thousands of people in the country.