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Reports: The absence of Trezeguet for 12 months from Aston Villa after cutting the cruciate ligament

Press reports revealed that Egyptian international Mahmoud Trezeguet, the star of English club Aston Villa, will be out of action for a period of up to 12 months due to injury.

Trezeguet suffered a cut in the cruciate ligament during his participation in the Liverpool and Aston Villa match at Anfield this month, in the English Premier League competitions.

English Football Insider said, citing a source within Aston Villa, that the player's treatment period could reach 12 months.

Trezeguet began the journey of recovery from injury, by going through the first stage of the rehabilitation program set for him by the medical system of Aston Villa Club, where he makes sure to come daily to the club's headquarters to undergo rehabilitation sessions.

Mahmoud Trezeguet underwent knee surgery two weeks ago, before the start of his rehabilitation phase, and Trezeguet participated in 22 matches with Aston Villa in all competitions this season, scoring two goals and making the same.

Mahmoud Hassan Trezeguet, the star of Aston Villa of England and the Egyptian national team, performed the cruciate ligament operation in England, after he suffered a cut in the knee during the Liverpool match, last week, in the English League competitions, and Mahmoud Hassan Trezeguet was injured after a strong intervention with Alexander Arnold, the back-up of the Liverpool team in the second half. From the meeting, which ended with the Reds winning two goals against a single goal.