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Rabeh Majer: I recommend Egypt to win the Arab Cup

Rabah Majer, the Algerian football legend, nominated the Egyptian national team to qualify and win the Arab Cup for several reasons, after the two teams fell into one group in the upcoming tournament that was held Tuesday evening in Qatar.

Rabah Majer said in televised comments immediately after the draw: "It is a group bombed, but I nominate the Egyptian national team first because all of its players are combined from the local Premier League championship except for 3 players such as Mohamed Salah, Trezeguet and Mohamed El-Niny in the English Premier League, and therefore there is a consensus between the current group."

Rabah Majer added: "In front of the Algerian national team, it will compete in the tournament from a group of local players, and thus the main body of professional players will not participate in the tournament, I think, and therefore it will lose many of its elements."

The draw for the Arab Cup, which was withdrawn this evening, Tuesday, at the Opera House in the Cultural Village of Katara in Qatar, resulted in our national team being part of Group D competitions, alongside Algeria, the winner of Lebanon's confrontation with Djibouti, the winner of the Libya-Sudan match.

The Arab Cup groups came as follows:

The first group: Qatar - Iraq - the winner from the meeting of the Sultanate of Oman against Somalia - the winner from the Bahrain meeting with Kuwait.


The second group: Tunisia - UAE - Syria - the winner of the Yemen meeting with Mauritania.


Group C: Morocco - Saudi Arabia - winner from the Jordan and South Sudan meeting - winner from the Palestine and Mauritania meeting.


Group D: Algeria - Egypt - the winner of the Lebanon confrontation with Djibouti - the winner of the Libya-Sudan meeting.


The Arab Cup will be played from the first of next December until the 18th of the same month in Qatar, and the matches will be held at 6 stadiums that will host the 2022 World Cup finals, according to strict precautionary measures.


For the first time, the tournament has become official after the FIFA ratification, which increases the excitement and rivalry as well as the natural competition among Arabs.

The qualifying matches were as follows:

Sultanate of Oman x Somalia


Lebanon x Djibouti


Jordan x South Sudan


Bahrain x Kuwait


Mauritania x Yemen


Palestine x Comoros


Libya x Sudan