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Germany is likely to classify India and other countries as regions where Corona variables are common

German Health Minister Jens Young said today, Friday, that his country is paying close attention at the scientific and political level to the changing emergence of the "Corona" virus in India, indicating that according to the current situation, it is possible to classify India and possibly other countries.

As India is facing difficulty in dealing with the largest daily increase in Corona virus infections in the world and the highest number of deaths, as it recorded 332,730 cases of Coronavirus infection on Friday, which is the highest infection rate recorded in one day anywhere in the world, for the second consecutive day. Daily deaths from Covid-19 rose at a record rate of 2,263 deaths in the past 24 hours.

India now has about 16 million confirmed cases, which is thus second only to the United States, and the country is experiencing a second wave, and this raises more concerns about the health care system's inability to absorb the large numbers.

Crowds of people stood outside hospitals in major cities, which were filled with patients. A number of people died while waiting for oxygen, and the surge in the number of patients has overwhelmed hospitals, causing acute shortages of oxygen, intensive care beds and ventilators.