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Gamal Hamzah: I regret retiring outside the walls of Zamalek

Gamal Hamza, the former star of Zamalek and the Egyptian national team, admitted his regret over ending his football career outside the walls of Zamalek, explaining that he had also made a mistake when he cut his professional career in Europe before the end of his two-season contract.

On June 19, 2009, the German club Mainz announced his contract with Gamal Hamzah in a free transfer deal after previous news of his transfer to the Swiss League, and negotiations began with Mainz, one of the German League clubs a short time ago. Hamzah kept secret news of the negotiations hoping for the success of the deal, which was achieved by his signature. He joined the newly-promoted German Bundesliga club at the time, but he did not prove his existence and returned to the Egyptian League at the beginning of 2010 with El Gouna.

And Hamza continued, in televised statements for the "Story and Game" program with Saif Zaher, on On Time Sports, today, Wednesday: "I did not feel in any club I carried its shirt, the same strength that I gained while playing in Zamalek, and if it came back in time, I would be more committed and far. About problems and crises.

The former Zamalek star explained: "I used to face problems that I am not a party to, and Hazem Imam was more calm and rational than I at some times, and we are a generation that was subjected to oppression in Zamalek, with Muhammad Abu Al-Ela on our head."

Hamza revealed the scenes of his altercation with the Brazilian player Ricardo in Zamalek, saying: “I don’t have anything but I hit him with a pen.