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Conflicting information about the attack and shootings between supporters and opponents of the former and current Somali presidents

Former Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mahmoud announced that his headquarters had been attacked by military personnel, and held the current president, Muhammad Abdullah Farmajo, responsible for the incident.

Witnesses revealed that supporters of Somali President Muhammad Abdullah Muhammad, and opponents of the extension of his four-year term in office, clashed on Sunday in the capital, and gunfire was heard in the capital and shooting between pro-opposition forces and government forces at a crossroads in the city.


The official Somali News Agency (SUNA) reported that Somalia had responded to the African Union’s condemnation of extending the mandate of Farmajo for two years. Information Minister Osman Abu Bakr Dubai said at a press conference yesterday evening in the capital Mogadishu, “No international or regional organization can condemn a parliamentary law in Independent country".


He pointed out that the federal government "expresses its deep regret over the campaigns launched by Kenya and Djibouti for the African Peace and Security Council to issue decisions against the federal parliament and the government."


A few days ago, the African Union Peace and Security Council condemned the Somali parliament’s decision, saying that it would "delay the election process in Somalia, as well as negatively affect the democratic path and the unity and stability of the country."


In its statement, the council said that the Somali parliament's approval of the bill is a "unilateral step", expressing its grave concern about it.


On April 12, the Somali parliament voted to extend the mandate of President Muhammad Abdullah Muhammad, which lasted for four years, and ended last February, for another two years, amid opposition from the opposition.