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All you need to know about the summer cold .. its causes, symptoms, prevention and treatment methods

Most of us suffer from a cold at least in the summer, and children are considered particularly vulnerable to catching colds in the summer the most, because they over-enjoy summer activities and overindulge in ice cream or cold drinks, and here we address the causes, symptoms, treatment and prevention of summer colds, according to what was published On boldsky site.

What are the symptoms of a cold in the summer season?

The common cold and allergies share the symptoms characteristic of sneezing, runny nose, congestion, itching or sore throat, but the cold will include other symptoms such as coughing, sweating and fever, and the allergy lasts for a longer period, and the symptoms remain constant, unlike the symptoms of the winter cold, which change in severity.

What causes a summer cold?

Excessive sweating

When you sweat excessively, you wet your clothes and this keeps your body hydrated for a long time, which makes you vulnerable to catching a cold.

Heat stroke:

Sometimes, when you are outside in the heat of the sun, not realizing that you are exposing yourself to more heat than your body can handle, a high temperature can give you a fever and chills.

Changing ventilation conditions:

When you come from the scorching rays of the sun and enter the air conditioner immediately, you expose yourself to a drastic change in temperature between extreme heat and cold.

Drink water and very cold drinks:

Your body feels hot, then you accept cold drinks, but your throat gets hurt by iced drinks in the summer, which puts you at risk of developing sore throats.


How to treat colds in the summer?

Many foods contain vitamins that help work on your body and thus increase your immunity to fight summer infection.Foods that are acidic in nature are also helpful in making you feel better, the more water you consume, the more it has a good effect on your body because water helps flush out toxins from the body.

The best way to prevent summer colds is to take care of your immune system by eating healthy food, getting the right amount of sleep, and washing your hands after using public restrooms. Vegetables can also help you because spinach, kale and cucumbers are the best for consumption during the summer, you will cleanse your body. And it works to fight cold naturally and effectively.