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All you need to know about the "One Million Entrepreneur Campaign"

The Ministry of Planning and Economic Development, represented by the Rowad 2030 project, launched the "One Million Entrepreneurs" campaign, which aims to qualify one million entrepreneurs by 2030, within the framework of the sustainable development strategy. Egypt Vision 2030.

Q- What is the target category of the campaign?

C - The "One Million Entrepreneurs" campaign targets Egyptian youth of all ages and groups. The training program is complete online, with the provision of trainers at the highest level, and training programs for entrepreneurship in both Arabic and English, and the trainee will receive a certificate of completion of the training course at the end of the program.

Q- What are the stages of the campaign training program?

C- The training program is divided into three phases: The first stage includes identifying the business model for startups, testing a startup idea, financial management for startups, business development for startups, building a brand for startups, effective leadership skills for entrepreneurs, readiness of the startup for investment, and from idea to project in 30 days. .


The second phase also includes getting acquainted with the Egyptian investment law and establishing companies, Egyptian taxes, social insurance and emerging company obligations, appointment and selection of employees in startups, managing the stages of growth and development of emerging companies, building and developing work teams in emerging companies, managing projects in startups, increasing the head Money and financing for startups, decision making and problem solving for entrepreneurs.


Entrepreneurs in the third stage learn about creativity and innovation for entrepreneurs, analysis of data and information in emerging companies, management and development of digital products for emerging companies, marketing and use of social networks for emerging companies, sales and sales management for entrepreneurs, strategic planning for emerging companies, motivation and development of employees in companies Emerging companies, intellectual property laws and preserving the rights of startups.

What is the purpose of the campaign?

It aims to provide innovative and realistic solutions to economic challenges such as stimulating the economy with new small projects for young people to become a productive social force that actively contributes to the efforts to achieve development, in addition to social returns, foremost among which is the reduction of the unemployment rate, in addition to the concept of entrepreneurship has become linked to the role that the state targets in its strategic plans. As it is related to creating new projects with different ideas and finding innovative solutions to existing problems in the market; Whether by introducing a new product or addressing the shortcomings of an existing product, and by working to involve citizens in finding solutions.