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5 projects to achieve self-sufficiency in gasoline and diesel 2023

The petroleum sector aims to achieve self-sufficiency in gasoline and diesel during the year 2023. The following are the most important projects that will contribute to achieving this, which are as follows ..


1- Mostorod refinery project to convert 4.7 million tons of diesel annually into high-quality petroleum products (solar - high octane gasoline - stove. "

2- The high-octane gasoline project of ANARPEC Company to produce 700,000 tons of high-octane gasoline.


3- The project of producing high-octane gasoline in the Assiut Petroleum Refining Company to produce about 800 thousand tons per year of high-octane gasoline to meet the needs of the Upper Egypt regions of petroleum products with investments of 450 million dollars.

4- The Midor Refinery Expansion Project aims to increase the refining capacity of the plant by 60%, with investments of about $ 2.3 billion.


5- The diesel production complex in the Assiut National Petroleum Manufacturing Company (ANOPEC), which aims to convert low-economic diesel with a capacity to feed 2.5 million tons annually and convert it into high-quality petroleum products (solar - high-octane gasoline - stove -...), with investments of about $ 2.9 billion. .