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Who is "Ricky" ... a mysterious person who received complaints directed against Trump instead of the former president

Who is the mysterious "Ricky" who signed, instead of Donald Trump, the acknowledgment of receipt of a complaint against the former president? This question threatened to slow down the judicial process, and according to French media, everything was revealed on February 16 when a Democratic representative filed a civil lawsuit against Donald Trump for his role in the Capitol attack, based on a law passed in 1871 to protect the rights of black Americans against groups. Extremes like the Ku Klux Klan.

A week later, a mail was sent to the former Republican president who now lives in his club in Maralago, Florida. "It was signed by a stranger known as 'Ricky'," Donald Trump's attorney, Jesse Pinal, wrote in court on Monday that we contested the legality of receiving the complaint.

In the face of this secret revealed by the "Daily Beast" newspaper, the two parties agreed to give the billionaire more time to present his arguments. He now has until April 26th to respond to Benny Thompson's complaint.

Thompson accuses him of "rioting" and encouraging his supporters to launch an attack on Congress headquarters on January 6, when elected officials were endorsing Democrat Joe Biden's victory in the presidential election, and the Senate acquitted Donald Trump of "incitement to revolt" in February.

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