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What is the eyes gene and its role in the birth of your child with blue eyes?

Genetics play an important role in eye color, so colored eyes like blue or green did not come by chance, but there is a specific gene inside your body responsible for the birth of your child with a different eye color. This gene is called the OCA2 gene. Blue eyes.

A report published on the Medical Express website explained the changes that occur to the eye gene, as eye color may occur due to the amount of melanin pigment present in the eye, and not anywhere in the eye but in a very special place, which is the iris stroma, as a lot of melanin gives eyes Brown and less melanin gives green, while little or no melanin in the iris stroma gives blue eyes.

The eyes gene plays a role in the amount of melanin inside the eyes, the DNA changes are what determine the gene's work, as the cell in distinguishing a gene drops some proteins onto the nearby DNA, so that these proteins inform the cell where the new gene starts.

Due to the presence of many changes in the DNA, this may affect the protein in the stroma not remaining on the DNA, resulting in blue eyes, as blue eyes contain a small amount of melanin within the iris.

And when a child is born with colored eyes, this does not mean that the child will retain this color throughout his life, since the human eye did not contain the full amount of pigment in the eyes of your child, so we find the child changes the color of the eyes with the stage of eye development, thus producing more melanin in the iris.

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