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Treating frequent sneezing by using honey and water vapor inhalation

Frequent sneezing may become an annoying problem for some people, and sneezing attacks may increase dramatically due to the cold air or sudden sensitivity to a smell such as: smoke, dust, or the spread of pollen in the spring, and sneezing is a natural mechanism that helps remove irritants from the nose, when a foreign substance enters Like dirt, pollen, smoke, or dust into the nostrils, the sensitive lining of our nose may begin to irritate, and this makes us sneeze to clean the airway and remove dust particles. In this report, we learn about 6 natural ways to treat frequent sneezing, according to the "Times of India" website.

Sneezing is our body's first defense against foreign bacteria, as it is a reflexive act that stops on its own after a while, however, in some cases, a continuous bout of sneezing may make us feel uncomfortable, and the following are natural ways to treat frequent sneezing ..

Natural ways to treat frequent sneezing

Identify triggers for sneezing


Identifying the trigger that is causing you to sneeze can help you get appropriate treatment. These may include some common triggers.


Pollen grains

- Pet dander


-spicy food

-black pepper


If you are unable to determine your trigger, see your doctor, he may recommend an allergy test that can help find the cause of persistent sneezing.Once the cause is identified, you can choose any of the following natural methods:



Several studies indicate that honey can help prevent sneezing associated with cold and flu. In the event of an allergic reaction, honey may not be an ideal option.

Honey may help our bodies adapt to allergens present in the environment, and consuming a teaspoon can reduce inflammation and provide immediate relief, and it can also be used on an allergic rash to relieve it.

Hot water vapor inhalation


Steam inhalation of hot water is another way to treat frequent sneezing. All you have to do is take some hot water in a large bowl and bend over the steam that is emitted from it, cover your head with a towel to properly inhale the steam.

Hot steam inhalation can clear the nasal passage as well as treat a runny nose, and it is also an effective treatment for colds and flu. Studies indicate that steam can reduce the recovery time from illness by one week.

Avoid heavy meals

Some people start to sneeze after eating a heavy meal, and this can be easily prevented by eating smaller amounts of food and taking smaller bites.

Clean your nose


To remove dust particles from your nose, try blowing your nose if you can sense the particles. Blowing your nose will help you get rid of them as soon as the irritant comes out of your nose.

Take vitamin C.


Citrus fruits like oranges and lemons contain a chemical called flavonoids, which are powerful antioxidants. Flavonoids can help build immunity and help you fight unwanted bacteria that cause colds and other allergies.

You can even add vitamin C supplements to your diet, as it is beneficial like a natural fruit. Vitamin C may not provide you with instant relief, but it may reduce sneezing over time.