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She loves mangoes .. know the best way to eat them without gaining weight

Many people tend to avoid eating mango, which is close to its season as a summer fruit, for fear of weight gain, because it is common for this delicious fruit to hinder diet programs, according to "timesofindia".

According to a nutritionist, the site "timesofindia" mentioned that this fruit is known to be rich in many beneficial nutrients, including vitamin A, C, folic acid and copper. It also contains only 1% of fat, which does not cause any harm in terms of weight gain.

Mango helps in the breakdown and digestion of protein, which facilitates the work of the digestive system efficiently, as the dietary fiber in mangoes helps reduce the risk of heart disease and even type 2 diabetes.

The Indian nutritionist explained that the way mango is consumed is what determines whether it may cause weight gain or not, as eating it alone does not harm the body weight, but adding other things to it is what causes this weight increase, such as making juice from it and adding more Sugar for her, milkshake juices, mango ice cream, cream and mango pies, all of these shapes contain high additives of sugar, which in turn leads to weight gain.

Nutrition expert Pooja Mukhija also advises eating mango better than drinking it to get the maximum benefits, and stressing the importance of limiting excessive intake, as she recommends eating one mango daily, not more than it is medium in size.

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