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Report: Egypt is ranked 83rd in the world in sustainable development

A government report issued recently revealed that Egypt has reached the 83rd rank in the world in the recently issued United Nations Sustainable Development Report by the University of Cambridge, which is the most recent international report in this field, compared to the 92nd position in 2019.


The report affirmed that Egypt has achieved the targets of the many indicators set by Vision 2030 in its three dimensions: economic, social and environmental. Egypt has also achieved a achievement that surpasses the goals of Egypt Vision 2030 in many indicators, including infrastructure, availability of services to citizens, drinking water services, and sanitation. , Electricity, quality of infrastructure, and competitiveness of travel and tourism.


The report emphasized that Egypt had taken many economic, legislative and institutional reforms, which contributed to the improvement of the economic situation, achieving rates of about 5.6% in the first half of the year 19/2020, we had decreased the unemployment rate to less than 8%, and the average inflation rate decreased to about 5%, Foreign exchange reserves recovered to cover more than 8.5 months of imports.


The report emphasized that Egypt is the only country in the region. Which achieved positive growth rates during the Covid crisis, reaching a growth rate of 3.6% for the fiscal year 19/2020.

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