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Nigeria announces the return of 160 citizens from Libya after intense contacts between the two countries

On Friday, 160 Nigerians returned to the Nigerian capital, Abuja, who had been stranded in Libya, and Nigerian sources confirmed that intensive contacts had taken place with the relevant authorities in Tripoli to end the problem of Nigerians stranded in Libya, and those contacts succeeded in taking them back via a chartered plane to the Nigerian capital. .


In an interview with the Nigerian independent news network AIT, Bulaji Akinremy, director of the consular corps in the Nigerian Foreign Ministry, said this morning that the Nigerian stranded people coming from Libya are 98 adults and 62 minors.


According to Nigerian television, the health authorities have ordered that returning citizens be placed in a two-week precautionary camp in one of the Nigerian medical areas designated to isolate suspected cases of "Corona" from outside the country, in accordance with the protocol to confront "Corona", which is applied by the Nigerian authorities with great scrutiny. .

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