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Medhat Shalaby: The Sudanese Crescent dismissed Hamada Sidky after traveling to Khartoum

Media Medhat Shalabi revealed that the training deal for Hamada Sidqi, the former technical director of Military Production, had been suspended for the Sudanese Al Hilal team for reasons that Shalaby claimed that he would not be able to disclose.

Shalabi said, in televised statements on the Evening On program on On Time Sports 2: “After Hamada Sidqi traveled to Sudan, the deal was disrupted, and my credibility should end all procedures before traveling to Khartoum, but what happened is that my truthfulness will not train Al Hilal for reasons that I am excused, I will not be able to say.”

The Sudanese newspapers confirmed that Hamada Sidqi had come to lead the training of the Sudanese Crescent team again in a second term, after the dismissal of the Serbian Zoran for his failure to progress with the team and the deterioration of the results locally and Africa.

The Sudanese Al-Intibaha newspaper titled: “The Egyptian Hamada Sedky as coach of Al-Hilal, and said the official website of Al-Hilal confirmed that the Egyptian coach, Hamada Sidqi, approached Al-Hilal training instead of the Serbian Zoran, after the latter failed to achieve good results locally and in Africa.

She added that Sidqi has previously trained Al Hilal and is expected to reach Khartoum in the coming hours to sign the contract with the Crescent Council.

While the Kafr Water newspaper published the headline: “Al Hilal negotiates with Appiah and Sidqi and dismisses Zoran,” she said, Zoran’s dismissal came after the last results of the Champions League faltered, and Hilal tied in front of the Wadi Nyala neighborhood in the local league, and the committee for the normalization of Al Hilal club entered into a comparison and negotiations with the coaches, Egyptian Hamada Sidqi, and Ghanaian James Kwassi Appiah.

The media, Medhat Shalaby, blamed Mustafa Mohamed, the Zamalek player loaned to the Turkish Galatasaray team, due to the player’s failure to admit that his celebration in the manner of "bow and arrow" refers to the logo of the Zamalek club that belongs to him.

Shalabi said: "I blame Mustafa Muhammad when he was asked about the secret of his celebration of the arrow method after one of his goals and did not mention the name of Zamalek, because at the beginning I expected 100% that Mustafa Muhammad would say this celebration represents the famous arrow of the club logo to which Zamalek belonged, through which my stardom appeared, but it is He didn't do that. "

Shalabi added, that millions followed Mustafa Muhammad during this period, wishing to explain to the Turkish media that the secret of this celebration is the slogan of Zamalek, saying, "I watched the last match in which I scored two goals, and I was wonderful as usual, but I was hoping the player would say that this is it." Zamalek club logo. "

Shalabi continued: "I was waiting to say that, but he said that this celebration I like to do, and he did not say that it is the slogan of Zamalek, but most of those who do not forget, but I hope the next match will say that this is the slogan of Zamalek .. He added: I watched the whole match, but The match was modest technically, and many parts of it were sterile and 90 minutes were bored, but the Turkish league is a kitchen for Europe. "

The Egyptian international, Mustafa Mohamed, the striker of the Galata Saray team, has starred greatly in the Turkish league since joining from Zamalek on loan to the end of next season, where the international player was able to score 5 goals in the five matches he fought with his team in the tournament, other than a goal in the cup.

The player known as the Anaconda gave a distinguished performance in the Turkish League before his match against Ankara Jojo, scheduled for Wednesday, at the "Eryaman" stadium, within the competitions of the 28th round of the competition, where the player was at the top of the team's list to face today.

The Egyptian international, Mostafa Mohamed, the Egyptian national team striker, was chosen in the ideal formation for the month of February for the Turkish Football League Championship, after he performed with his team and led him to the top of the local competition.

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