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Karate Cup kicked off in Port Said, April 1

Officials of the Karate Federation have set the date for the start of the Egyptian Cup, and it will be held in Port Said on April 1 and 2, with the participation of a large number of clubs and sports bodies.

The Karate Federation named the championship Abdel Moneim Al-Beshbishi, the late president of the federation, in honor of his name and in appreciation of the efforts he made in serving the game and spreading it locally and internationally.

The participation in the Egypt Cup comes a few days after the national team participated in the World League Championship that was held in Turkey, during which the national team won 6 medals, divided into gold, silver, and 4 bronze medals, by Ali El Sawy, Ferial Ashraf, Muhammad Ramadan and Reem Salama, The kata are men and women, respectively.

The trio, Yasmine Hamdy, Ferial Ashraf and Sarah Asim, did not return from Turkey, in light of their infection with the Corona virus, and they were isolated in a hotel, accompanied by Ahmed Al-Sawy, the doctor of the team.