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Engineering Industries Export: The new cooker manufacturing standard is compatible with export

Eng. Sherif Al-Sayyad, Chairman of the Export Council for Engineering Industries, said that the announcement by the Authority for Standards and Quality to change the standard specification for the manufacture of butane and the issuance of a new specification for manufacturers will not affect the exports of butane abroad, but only for the local market, because every export market has a standard specification that it requires and the factories producing butane produce according to The specification of this market, for example in Saudi Arabia, has safety specifications that differ from other countries in exporting butane to their markets, and it also differs from the African market that is manufactured according to the technical specifications that it follows and requests from the Egyptian factory.


Al-Sayyad demanded in a special statement to "The Seventh Day" that Egyptian factories should be given a period to implement the new standard, especially since the decision was suddenly issued and its application needed time and time so that the factories could import production requirements and butane components according to the new standard so that the Egyptian market would not be affected by this. The sudden decision exposes the factories to losses, which do not have any problem with the application of the new standard, but a time limit for implementation must be granted.


And he announced an expanded meeting tomorrow, Wednesday, between the Chamber of Engineering Industries and the Standards and Quality Authority, and during the meeting, manufacturers are required to develop a strategy for manufacturers to ensure the implementation of the new standard with the necessity to grant a deadline to reconcile their conditions and import production inputs for the industry in accordance with the new specification desired by the Standards and Quality Authority.


Engineer Ashraf Afifi, head of the Standards and Quality Authority at the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, said in press statements, that Ministerial Resolution No. 1002 of 2017, which is concerned with providing safety for the cooker product, is within the usual international standard specifications around the world and is binding on all companies and must be applied, indicating Any negligence or violation of these specifications by the companies producing this product is subject to the law.



It is noteworthy that the exports of engineering industries increased during the first 7 months of the current fiscal year 2020-2021 by 8.4% to record 1.558 billion dollars, compared to 1.437 billion dollars in the same period of the current year 2019-2020.


The council said that the sector’s exports for the month of January 2021 recorded 218.5 million dollars compared to 198.7 million dollars in the same month last year, an increase of 10%.


He pointed out that exports of auto components increased by 8.7%, cables by 22%, household appliances by 22.1%, electrical and electronic industries by 7.7%, household appliances by 22.1%, and transportation means increased by 107%.

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