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The Kremlin: The Russian leadership does not plan to abolish the conscription in the country

Russian Presidential Spokesman (Kremlin) Dmitry Peskov said that the Russian leadership is not planning to cancel the compulsory conscription in the country.

Peskov added - in response to a question about the Kremlin’s assessment of the current system for the formation of the national armed forces and whether the Russian leadership has plans to introduce changes in this area, according to the (Russia Today) news channel today / Wednesday / -: “One can give his personal opinion on the matter. But we should proceed from the fact that the discussion is about an absolute constitutional duty on the citizens of the Russian Federation. "

He made it clear that at the present time, there are no discussions in Russia about the possibility of abandoning compulsory military service as a constitutional duty.

It is reported that the Russian Armed Forces are currently being formed on a dual basis of compulsory conscripts, and of volunteer military serving under contract with the Ministry of Defense. Male adult males between the ages of 18 and 28 are subject to mandatory conscription and the term of service is 12 months.

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