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The Jordanian Parliament submits an urgent request to the Prime Minister

In a parliamentary memorandum, 93 deputies in the Jordanian parliament called for the exploitation of state-owned lands by allocating small plots of them to unemployed youth, and they were directed to the Speaker of the Jordanian Parliament, Abdel Moneim Al-Awdat, to address the Prime Minister, Bisher Al-Khasawneh.


The parliamentary memorandum indicated, according to the Jordanian "Ammon" agency, yesterday evening, Thursday, that the distribution of these lands should be within fair and impartial foundations for all who deserve them, and so that they are not used for any other purpose.


The Jordanian MP, Ayman al-Majali, confirmed that this memorandum was based on the royal directives of successive governments to fight unemployment and support the agricultural sector, specifically in the governorates, which requires finding quick and fruitful solutions to these dilemmas.


The memo called for supporting youth gatherings, financially and morally, through soft loans, or establishing a fund for this purpose, and providing these communities with machinery and materials for agriculture, and providing them with water by the government by opening artesian wells that will serve workers on these lands.


The parliamentary memo stressed the need to work to establish small and medium factories for food industries through these agricultural clusters, and to be in partnership between the public and private sectors in the areas of these clusters.

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