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The European Travel Commission calls on its members to invest in the development of sustainable tourism

The European Travel Commission, on Wednesday, called on European Union member states to accelerate social and economic recovery by investing in sustainable tourism development as part of their national plans for recovery and resilience.


The Commission issued an urgent call to member states to make tourism a strategic component in their national recovery plans, and published a detailed paper providing a list of comprehensive recommendations related to reforms and investment ideas related to travel and tourism that would contribute to achieving more flexible economies for European Union countries and being more ready to respond. For future opportunities and challenges.


Dr. Saeed Al-Batouti, Member of the European Travel Commission, said that the purpose of the recommendations paper is to assist member states in formulating recovery and resilience plans to ensure that the proposed reforms and investments create an enabling environment in which tourism can develop in a sustainable and flexible manner, continue to create jobs, and enhance cohesion. Building the path towards sustainable recovery from the social and economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.


In exclusive statements to Al-Youm Al-Sabea, Al-Batouti added that among the proposed reforms is a call for European Union governments to support Europe's resilience as a leading tourism destination around the world by promoting Europe as a tourist destination in both mature and emerging markets, pointing to the need to expand contact With long-term destinations, strengthening the Schengen visa process and flexibility, and calling on all member states to follow the same approach regarding travel and tourism services, related infrastructure and long-term economic prospects.


The recommendations included speeding up mass transit communications for passengers, their accessibility, and their attractiveness for residents, companies and visitors, as well as speeding up the connection of tourist destinations and small and medium-sized companies by providing the widest continuous coverage for residents, companies and visitors.


The recommendations indicated the need to empower actors in the field of public and private tourism through digital tools to provide better governance, diversify products and marketing, and create a digital infrastructure to link travel and tourism actors in the public and private sectors with health authorities to improve cooperation for better services.


She stressed the necessity of investing in smart tourism data and its digital infrastructure necessary for the use of all actors in the travel and tourism sector, investing in bus stations and linking services between cities through local mobility services to make them more attractive and enhance the removal of carbon from transportation, as well as linking coastal areas with remote areas. .


It is noteworthy that the tourism sector in the European Union represents more than 9.5% of the GDP, provides job opportunities for 22.6 million people and has a direct impact on transport, trade, the agro-food industry and the wider economy, and every 1 euro of the value generated by tourism produces an additional 56 cents of Added value in indirect effects on other industries.

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