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Removing the accumulated snow from the streets in Lebanon

The concerned authorities in Lebanon are trying to remove the snow accumulating on the streets amid a drop in temperatures, as the official page of the General Directorate of the Lebanese Civil Defense shared, via Facebook, pictures documenting the removal of the accumulated snow from the streets.

The General Directorate of Lebanese Civil Defense said that snow was shoveled on many main roads in different areas, today, Wednesday, after it impeded traffic in front of pedestrians, especially with the accumulation of snow.

Lebanese media reported that Lebanon witnessed a stormy and snowy night with a sharp drop in temperatures, and snow continued to this day at low altitudes, while torrential rains fell, which reached the point of torrential torrents.

Lebanese media indicated that, for example, in Akkar Governorate, mountainous heights were covered with snow at an altitude of 900 meters, and its thickness in Al-Qum'a reached 40 cm, and mountain roads, especially those connecting Akkar to the Bekaa via Hermel, were cut off.

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