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How long does the Corona virus stick to surfaces and does it settle on clothes for 3 days?

A study has found that the Corona virus can remain on clothes for up to 3 days, and research conducted by De Montfort University (DMU) in Leicester confirmed that the Corona virus remains on three fabrics commonly used in the healthcare industry, according to the report of the British newspaper "dailystar" Scientists said polyester poses the greatest risk of infection.

The study, led by microbiologist Dr. Katie Laird, and virologist Dr. Maitrei Shivkumar, included the addition of drops of a typical coronavirus called HCoV-OC43 - which has a structure and survival pattern very similar to that of the Coronavirus on polyester, and cotton fabrics.

The scientists said that the virus lasted for 24 hours on 100% cotton, while it remained on cotton for only 6 hours, and the university said that the government had been advised that all health care uniforms should be washed in hospitals according to commercial standards or by an industrial laundry.

Dr Laird, head of the Infectious Diseases Research Group at DMU, ​​said: “When the epidemic first started, there was very little understanding of how much corona virus survives on textiles. Now our findings show that three of the textiles are most used in healthcare. Pose a risk of virus transmission.

He said: "If nurses and health care workers take their uniforms home, they may leave traces of the virus on other surfaces, continuing: Once we determined the survival rate of the coronavirus on each of the textiles, we directed our attention to determine the most reliable washing method to remove the virus."

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