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Gedo in Live The Seventh Day: Marwan Mohsen needs to get out of Al-Ahly's pressure

Mohamed Nagy "Gedo" striker of Al-Ahly team and the former Egyptian national team revealed that Marwan Mohsen, the Red Team striker, needs to go out for a loan period outside the Red Castle during the next stage after the great pressure he is exposed to by the fans and come back again after restoring his level and scoring.

Muhammad Naji Gedo explained during an interview on Al-Youm Al-Sabea TV that he did not fall short in the right of Zamalek and agreed to join the White Castle, but after the Alexandria Union documented the renewal contracts with him, the White Castle officials asked to negotiate with the Alexandrian Union, but they complained against him, and this matter is not acceptable at that time and the end The matter is amicable and the waiver of some of the complaint that came to the prosecution and the witness to these events is firm in front of the former Zamalek star and a member of the Board of Directors at that time.

Muhammad Naji Gedo added that the reason for his departure from Al-Ahly is not the exit from the African list in the 2017 season, but I was surprised that I was excluded after knowing the presence in the list and the renewal of the Red Castle was also renewed, and the injury that befell me during the leaving period, the reason for not knowing the time of return and recovery from the injury are the real reasons for not being registered and leaving From the club.

Jiddo concluded by saying that he is constantly talking about the merit of the Alexandrian and Al-Ahly Union and that it belongs to the two teams, as he has great memories within the Alexandrian team, which is the first and the virtue of Al-Ahly who came as a way to join the Egyptian team.

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